Things You Get Within This Program

  • Hours of Video and Audio On-Demand Each Week

  • Endless Email Support from Dr. Vic

  • Private FB Group for Support, Community and Encouragement

  • A FREE eBook Copy of Dr. Vic's New Book

  • Once a Week Recording of Q/A Live on FB or Webinar

  • Rediscover Your TRUTH and POWER

  • Using Universal Laws and Quantum Physics to Achieve Your Goals

  • Learn the Power of Meditation and Breath Work

  • Master the Art of a Ketogenic Diet

  • Understand and Utilize the Power of Fasting

What Others Say About Working with Dr. Vic


The Program is More Than Worth It


Getting started with the morning routine was great. It helped me launch myself in an amazing way. Then learning the things we can do to bio hack on a nutritional level was awesome. The consistent encouragement and coaching by Dotor Vic was also great. The q and a every Thursday was the best part! It was pretty damn cool to get your questions answered in a 1 on 1 kind of way! Feeling a shift in my mindset was great. My energy levels were off the charts compared to before. My focus was improved that was of course before I fell off track. My sleep and appetite was improved as well!

It's An Excellent Program


I had a small amount of weight. I was able to lower stress for awhile. Most importantly I was able to develop some healthy habits that I've continued so far. 1. We switched to organic coffee 2. I am meditating for 15 minutes each morning. I still prefer the Honest Guys. 3. I have done the three meal fast again and will try to do it at regular intervals like one a month. 4. I also feel that I will have more success using what I learned in the program when I do a better job of lowering my mental stress. Dr. Vic helped me to realize how high my stress levels are and how critical it is to overall well being. Hopefully, some therapy and life changes will help me with this. I guess I did get some clarity about what I need to do in my life from the program.

Looked Forward to Every Week!


Things that changed for me were life, weight loss, mood, mindset, energy levels, clarity, response to daily stress, etc.but I definitely noticed higher energy levels and I broke my coffee addiction (which was really bad before) and my husband and family have noticed a mood change happier and more relaxed 😎

Two Pricing Options

Pay in full at $109.00 or make three payments at $40.00

Early Bird Special Ends November 18th

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